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Response to Other Churches
The heart of evangelicalism is )
Warning: contains many photos.

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room of religious media coverage. That elephant’s name is Thinking Conservative Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are the Same Thing. I have seen the terms repeatedly used as if they’re interchangeable, and they’re not. And that's kind of important.

Granted, I understand the confusion because lately it seems as if conservative Christians across the board are uniting against a perceived common enemy regardless of their own doctrinal quibbles. Conservative Christians right now in America would rather vote for Mitt Romney, who belongs to a religion they consider a cult and openly make vicious fun of, because he has conservative values, than vote for Obama, who belongs to the United Church of Christ, who don’t actually believe anything weird at all. Because he believes he represents all Americans, not just certain specific types of rich white Christian and is himself, black is a “liberal”.
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When conservative Christians talk about the End Times, and how refusal to accept the Mark of the Beast will make it hard to buy things like food…I wonder if, if Revelation was really a prediction of the future and not a coded story about the persecution of early Christianity built on references to the Babylonian and Persian conquest of the Jews, that maybe it’s the conservative Christians who end up doing it to themselves. If you committed fully to boycotting every single thing I just listed, buying things becomes much more difficult. The increasingly narrow world they find themselves living in should show them that you can’t live constantly believing the rest of the world is at war with you.

Of course, they’ve fixed this potential problem by creating their own parallel economy. That Chicken Place has been considered one of those businesses for a long time, it’s mentioned frequently on the Dark Christian forums. A lot of the people on those forums are either paranoid refugees of seriously abusive churches, or they are non Christians who don’t always have the experience in this case to discern which rumors are true or false, so you have to take it all with a grain of salt. But, That Chicken Place is not popular there.

People on the Left obsessively boycott too. In fact, some of these companies make both lists. It isn’t that some of these companies don’t genuinely deserve to be boycotted anyway, because they do. But the Christianists never boycott companies for other things that are unapproved of by God that don’t have anything to do with birth control or consensual adult homosexuality or Christmas or Muslims. Have they ever protested Forever21, a company that uses Mexican immigrant sweatshop labor to produce copyright violating clothing? No, they never have. Ever. And Forever 21 is owned by a Christian couple and prints Bible verses on their shopping bags, so they’re actually out there in the world representing Christianity and making it look bad. But no, there are too many non Christian companies who owe it to the conservative Christian community to cater to them in all matters.

I mean, why? Why do they get to do this and yet, when liberals boycott a private business, it’s a threat to free speech? Because they’re that firmly committed to believing that they’re in the right and everyone else is in the wrong. They’re enforcing community standards as the official protectors of our nation’s morality, while anyone who complains about anything, and I mean *anything* they say or do is at best, someone who needs to get right with God.
One big complaint they had was that it wasn't fair for people to boycott a private business for the private beliefs of its owner. Except, conservative Christians are sort of known for doing that to everyone else.

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