2013-03-23 09:48 am
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King James Discussions

A fundamentalist penned list of reasons why the King James Version of the Bible is the best choice has been making the rounds of religious blogs- here are two discussions.

Stuff Fundies Like

Exploring Your Matrix

What the King James Version is and is Not )
2013-03-15 07:19 pm
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The History Channel's Bible Fail.

The History Channel has been trying to rebrand itself as a home for working class but intellectually curious (and probably white) male viewers. Everything they do must be fitted to this audience. Simplistic narratives that focus a lot on weapons, military tactics and explosions, which are cool but it means the network tends to ignore soft and subtle things, and women's stories, and men who don't come across as tough enough. If the History Channel was a cooking channel, they'd be Emeril and Guy Fieri 24/7.

Moses-Miriam, David-Yael, Esther-Daniel, Mary Magdalene-Peter )