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The quote 'beloved' miniseries The Bible is being recut into a three hour movie about Jesus. Which is exactly what I said they wanted all along. The "Old Testament" material was, typically, an afterthought and that sort of ticks me off not in the least because an attitude like that is absolutely terrible storytelling. We as viewers have to fall in love with everything that comes before Jesus if we're to understand anything. And "The Bible" miniseries did a bad job of that.

Colbert weighs in. Yeah, I also snickered when I passed the "novelization" in Barnes and Noble. Don't get me wrong, plenty of novelizations of individual Bible stories exist and lots of them are great and worth reading. It's just...I suspect it's merely a bad translation of the Bible stories that are featured in the movie, a trick to get people to read the source material.

Nobody wants a three hour movie about Jesus. I think the world has more than enough of those already. And half of them don't do anything particularly new or interesting with the story anyway, so what exactly is this one supposed to contribute to the genre? There are tons of ways to tell this story (later, I will do a post on "non Bible movies that do a great job telling Bible stories") and they won't take any of those options, you can bet on it.

I could have done a better mini series with Barbie dolls.