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They skip over Solomon and go straight to Zedekiah. Because goodness knows, Solomon was boring and didn't do anything worth talking about. And then there's just horribleness. Not by itself the scriptwriter's fault, because it is all in the Bible, but these people seem to have trouble figuring out what stories to prioritize.

So they're conquered by Babylon. There's no mention, of course, of what empires like Babylon and Persia tended to do, when they conquered a nation, to the healthy, single young men most likely to attempt a rebellion, to break them so they wouldn't fight back.

When Nebuchadnezzar is climbing the platform to worship his idol of himself, he pauses to, apparently, sniff Daniel's hair. Well, that's a slash pairing no one's thought of before...

They just skipped over Esther. Entirely. And everything else that comes between Daniel and the conception of Jesus. And I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to care about their Joseph and Mary when The Nativity Story did it so much better (minus the lead actress's inability to emote).

Mary wouldn't have worn a blue dress, she couldn't afford one. The Three Kings don't visit until Jesus is a toddler blah blah blah, can't you even get this part right? Although, since she appears to wear the blue dress for the entire story, maybe she just bought one expensive dress and wore it till it fell apart.

There have been complaints about how “white” Jesus is, and yeah, despite the fact that the guy who plays him otherwise does a decent job, the complaints are deserved. Especially since the boy who plays him as a child is much darker. And it's so weird. Even though modern scholarship says Jesus would've probably been a dark haired, olive skinned person, the image of him as fair haired is so ingrained in our Western brains that, okay, I confess, if someone says "quick, based only on your instant, unconscious reaction, how do you see Jesus?" the image that pops up is not the image I would choose if I had time to think about it. It'll be Josh Holloway, not Naveen Andrews.

The CBS version that came out a few years ago had Jeremy Sisto as Jesus and Debra Messing as Mary Magdalene. Both actors are Jewish. Debra Messing is a natural redhead, and while Mary Magdalene could have been darker she is popularly thought of as a statuesque redhead. It's symbolic- red hair, in European derived cultures anyway, denotes a passionate, dramatic temperament, as well as strangeness and magic. It also, in Biblical mythology terms, tends to mean royalty. And there are other Biblical characters who are said to have been redheads, not necessarily bright Irish red but more likely auburn, so it works out. But blond?

Sisto normally has curly dark hair....but in that movie, he had straight blond hair. And that's a little weird. Blond hair is the color for heroes in European folklore but that obviously, when talking about a Jewish man, tends to carry racist implications. I mean, yes, you can fanwank this if you go with the alternate theory that Jesus was actually born out of his mother's rape by a European soldier (as many children of his generation probably were), but mainstream Christian tradition doesn't want to bring it up. So if you want a blond Jesus, you're left with no real excuse for it and you just look racist. Messing was perfect casting, at least physically, if a bit pale, but it's like they hired this guy who could've pulled off Jesus just fine the way he was and made him over to look like every bad Jesus cliché ever.

Jesus does not have to fit conventional, white, European standards of beauty. He doesn't have to be pretty at all, some literature actually describes him as a little funny looking. So a guy who is- not ugly but with a more off beat look might work out just fine. Like David Krumholtz when he had that long hair.

And in this episode, “Hope”, the Devil is played by someone who looks a lot like Obama. The filmmakers passive aggressively protest that they never intended to imply anything and that this actor has “played Satan before”. But there are a lot of right wing types behind this production...allegedly. BTW, the racefail in the comments section on that article is astounding.

They cut out the entire subplot with Salome and her mother. Because women aren't even allowed to be villains on this show.



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