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The Cosmic Dance: A Semi Definitive Christian Pop Playlist

Well, all of my files disappeared, and while I managed to recover most of them, I lost a couple that contained stuff I was working on for this blog. So, we're taking a brain vacation this week. Like at an evangelical church when the pastor takes Sunday night off and everyone just sits around singing and playing music.

I've posted A Semi Definitive Christian Contemporary Playlist on my "family safe" youtube profile.

It's massive. It's...65 songs, so far, which is...hours. I don't want to leave anything out. Even so, I did, because it's not fair to squeeze out a band that only ever had one song I liked because I want to post half an album from a favorite group.

The songs are arranged in a very painstakingly specific order, I hope it worked. It begins with songs that tell a story or remind me of stories I wish I could vid , moves into surf rock, then light metal/goth, into classic 1990s groups, and finally, worship songs.
I made an attempt to represent as many different genres as possible, except rap. There’s very little rap or heavy metal on the list, I’m sorry about that. If you’ve got any suggestions, I’ll take them. It's not a finished list.

By “Definitive”, of course, I mean “totally subjective”. Both in terms of the fact that I am the only person deciding whether or not a song deserves to be on the list (which relies on me remembering the song exists and/or being able to dig it up on Youtube), and the fact that the music on it represents a very specific image of Christianity. Almost every artist on the list is white. Tobymac tries but even though Kirk Franklin and Mandisa’s parts are the best parts of “Lose Your Soul”, Toby’s kind of hogging the song AND the video. I think the men might outnumber the women, although I haven’t actually counted. MOST of the artists, I believe, are evangelicals. Thankfully, I managed to find some international artists, some of these people come from Canada or Australia!

Also not included: songs from musicals, musicians who openly self identify as Christian but don’t get played on actual Christian radio for whatever stupid reason, holiday music, and laughably bad examples of Christian pop. There will be other playlists for those(in progress now). And in true Christian pop fashion, I’m pretending that almost nothing produced before 1993 actually happened and that harlot Amy Grant doesn't exist.

Or check out this Fake Narnia Soundtrack. Which is a lot shorter,more heavily curated, and not all Christian music.